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Offer #26911 - 5M+Digital Products with Reseller Rights To Earn Money Unlimited

5M+Digital Products with Reseller Rights To Earn Money Unlimited

5M+Digital Products with Reseller Rights To Earn Money Unlimited

Make Passive Income Reselling Digital Products with Private Label Rights (PLR)

Are you looking for a way to make more income in your business or side-hustle? If so, digital products may be for you. Passive income from digital products is all about creating systems and processes that generate income without requiring your direct involvement. Yes, there is set up and marketing, so it isn’t all passive, but it is a huge time-saver and you can make sales in your sleep. I have been able to make a living and build a thriving online business by selling digital products on my website and inside my membership. This article will show you how it’s done, but instead of starting from scratch, we’re going to talk about digital products made by someone else that you can resell!

What is passive income?

Passive income is the money you earn when you’re not working. It can take many forms, including rental income, but in this example today, I am referring to passive income you can make with digital products sold on your own website or on sites like Etsy.

Passive income is a great way to generate some extra cash or even start a business that can bring in profits while you’re sleeping, relaxing or doing other things.

What are Digital Products?

Digital Products are a very common way for people to earn passive income. Digital products are any product that can be delivered electronically, such as:

ebooks Templates Video courses

There are so many more. For some additional ideas, check out this list of products you can make in Canva.

Digital products are a great way to earn passive income because you don’t have to put in much effort once the product is created. You can simply set up this process we’re talking about today to sell or give away your digital product, and let the process run to do all the work for you! This means that a process is set up so that when someone discovers your digital product, they buy your digital product right then and there without you, and once the purchase is complete, they receive their product to download or access.

It’s that simple.

Here at Ivory Mix, we help creators do the marketing and selling of their digital product by providing them with social media captions and content templates to market their digital products. Below is a beautiful example of an exclusive stock photo and Canva template we’ve made for our members to customize for the marketing of their digital products.

What are the Benefits of Reselling Digital Products?

Low Cost: You don’t need a large amount of money to get started. The cost of starting a digital product business is far less than most other types of businesses. This can be a huge benefit as it allows you to test all of these methods without having to invest too much money into the start-up phase.

Passive Income: Even if you’re working 9-5, you can still earn passive income from your online business that will help supplement your full-time job income or even replace it altogether! This gives you more freedom in life and allows you to do things such as travel, spend more time with family & friends, and overall have more enjoyment out of life!

Scalability: The great thing about digital products is that they are scalable and because it truly is passive and digital, your inventory is unlimited. So, your revenue can increase dramatically without much impact on your expenses because you’re not having to replenish that inventory.

Using videos in the marketing of your digital products can help get more eyes on your content and more impact in your business. When we make templates for our members, we make sure to include some Videos like this template example below.

The legal aspects of reselling digital products

The biggest barrier many people face when starting a digital product business for passive income is the amount of time it takes to make the products. That’s where Private Label Rights (PLR) or Resell Rights (RR) products come into help with a place to start.

When you purchase a PLR or RR product, you are issued a License, and each license and product is different. But, most allow you to resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. Some licenses allow you to also modify, repackage, rebrand, and resell a product and keep 100% of the profits.

Most companies that sell these types of products will often make the license easy to understand.

We just launched a series of digital products with a resale license including planner templates, social media Canva templates, content ideas, and captions. If you need an example, you can check out our Resale License and Products here.

Find digital products you can resell

The first step to your process and getting started is to discover a digital product site where you can purchase digital products that you can resell.

As I mentioned above, we just launched a series of digital products with a resale license including planner templates, social media Canva templates, content ideas, and captions – all included in the Ivory Mix content membership.

Other websites with digital products for resale include PLR.me, IDPLR.com, and PLRproducts.co

Pick a niche and product type

Next, you’ll need to pick a niche that you are interested in. If it isn’t something you enjoy, then it will be hard for you to do the marketing or content creation needed to sell a product for it.

It’s important to find a niche that is not saturated with competition. If there are thousands of other people selling similar products and services, it will be difficult for you to compete against them. This is why it helps if your product offers something unique or innovative that no one else has done before.

PLR is a way to save time and help you get started in a niche you’re passionate about. It’s typically used as a springboard to launch your side-hustle or business creating unique products. So, before you get started think about what you know about the niche and what you can do make it better than anyone else? What kind of knowledge do you have that others don’t?

Need help picking a niche and building a website? Check out our Niche workshop or our other workshops included in the membership

Once you have your niche, you’ll need to choose products within your chosen niche that are in demand and you can market well.

Market your digital products

Your biggest challenge as an online entrepreneur will be marketing your products. You’ll need to figure out how to spread the word about your product, build a community around it, and create brand awareness.

You have several options when it comes to marketing your digital products and selling them organically and passively:

Blogging Social media (Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) SEO on your own website or third-party ecommerce sites like Etsy and Shopify

If you don’t know how to do any of these things, that’s fine! We offer the following inside the content membership to help you get your marketing done faster!

This includes:

Canva Templates Stock Photos Social Media Caption Templates Reels Prompts Content Ideas Workshops

Plus, for our annual members (VIP), we provide bonus access to the Audience Growth Academy courses inside the membership. These courses show how to set up everything for your marketing to help you get more leads in your business. These courses are where I walk through step by step how I built my own blog from scratch and all the marketing techniques for Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and email marketing.

And now, annual VIP members will also get access to our resale products as well!

Last but not least, besides all of these organic marketing methods I use and teach, there is also PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on search engines like Google Ads or Facebook Ads that can help you get the word out about your digital products.


I hope that you’ve been inspired to get started with passive income, digital products, and reselling digital products so that you can finally work for yourself and make your dreams come true. If you’re still wondering what the next step is, sign up for Ivory Mix membership today to save time getting started on your marketing and reselling digital products.

Ready to get started with digital products you can resell? Sign up to become a VIP member of the Ivory Mix membership!

To get started with digital products you can resell and make passive income, sign up for the Ivory Mix membership now!

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